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    The Flexible Electronics Industry Promotion Center is an industrial demonstration park focusing on industrial incubation, technology research and development, and corporate headquarters operations. It is planned to be an innovative team integrating scientific research, pilot test, trial, operation, transformation and service.

    The flexible electronics industry incubator base is a bond that transforms scientific research results into industry; it is the link between applied technology and investors; it is the link between innovators and local governments; it is the link for local governments to attract talents; it is the bond for start-ups to become high-quality enterprises. It is the bond between the growth enterprise and the capital market.

    At present, the main research directions and incubation targets of the team are: (1) synthesis and pilot test of flexible electronic polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) base film and packaging materials; (2) super high oxygen barrier water blocking polymer compound Synthesis of flexible membrane materials; (3) Synthesis and pilot of polymer-based oxygen absorbing materials. Especially for packaging applications for flexible electronic devices.

    The team will focus on the selection of science and technology projects, industrial incubation and transformation, provide innovators with industrialization strategies and contact angel investments, connect with local governments, and provide advice for local governments to introduce more favorable and scientific industrial development policies. Investors, entrepreneurs, and research and development practitioners strive for more preferential policies to complete new forms of incubation for specific content.

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