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Education and Work Experiences 

2018-present   Associate Professor, Institute of Flexible Electronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

2016-2018       Engineer, Xiamen Products Quality Supervision & Inspection Institute, China

2009-2015       Doctoral Degree in Biosystems Engineering, Oklahoma State University, USA

2005-2008       Master’s Degree in Marine Biology, The Third Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China

2001-2005      Bachelor’s Degree in Life science, Xiamen University, China


Research Areas

(1) Functional polymers synthesized by initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) and their applications in biology, medicine, and electronics

(2) Immobilizations of bacteriophages & enzymes and their applications



National Natural Science Foundation of China, Fabrication of antibacterial films for food packaging applications by initiated chemical vapor deposition (2018-2020).


Selected Publications

1. Qing Song, Xiaobo Zhang. Characterization of a novel non-specific nuclease from thermophilic bacteriophage GBSV1. BMC Biotechnology. 2008, 8: 43

2. Yumin Ye‡, Qing Song‡, Yu Mao. Single-step fabrication of non-leaching antibacterial surfaces using vapor crosslinking. J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21, 257–262. (‡ contributed equally)

3. Yumin Ye‡, Qing Song‡, Yu Mao. Solventless hybrid grafting of antimicrobial polymers for self-sterilizing surfaces. J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21, 13188-13194. (‡ contributed equally)

4. Qing Song, Ting Ye, Xiaobo Zhang. Proteins responsible for lysogeny of deep-sea thermophilic bacteriophage GVE2 at high temperature. Gene. 2011 Jun 15; 479 (1-2):1-9

5. Qing Song, Yu Mao, Mark Wilkins, Fernando Segato, Rolf Prada. Cellulase immobilization on superparamagnetic nanoparticles for reuse in cellulosic biomass conversion. AIMS Bioengineering, 2016, 3(3): 264-276.

6. Fan Han‡, Qing Song‡, Yu Zhang, Xiaolong Wang, Zhiyong Wang. Molecular characterization and immune responses of Rab5 in large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea). Aquaculture & Fisheries, 2017, 2(4): 165-172. (‡ contributed equally)

7. Xiaolong Wang‡, Qing Song‡, Zhiyong Wang, Fang Han. A novel extracellular copper/zinc superoxide dismutase identified from Nibea albiflora and its characteristics under ammonia/nitrite stress. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2018, 115, 608-617. (‡contributed equally)


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