WANG Xue-Wen

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Institute of Flexible Electronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China




Sep.2018-       Tenure-track Professor   Northwestern Polytech University, China

2017-2018      Research Fellow             MSE, NTU, Singapore

2014-2017      PhD                                 MSE, NTU, Singapore

2012-2014      Research Associate         Chinese Academy of Sciences              

2010-2012      Research Assistant          Chinese Academy of Sciences              

2007-2010      MS                                  Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’ an, China

2003-2007      BS                                   The Second Artillery Engineering University



2018  Ao Xiang Overseas Talents Introduction Program, NPU

2017  Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad

2017  Science and Technology Awards of Shaanxi Province 

2017  Poster Award: Third Prize, Innovation Centre for Flexible Devices, NTU

2014/2018  Research Student Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University

2014  Best Poster Awards, SINANO, CAS (2 out of ~140 staff members and students)

2013  Outstanding Students of Summer School, Peking University

2013  The 5th Youth Scientific Research Award: Third Prize, SINANO, CAS

2012  Outstanding Worker at SINANO, SINANO, CAS (44 out of ~450 staff number)

2012  Outstanding Research Awards at i-Lab, SINANO, CAS (3 out of 107)

2011  Research Poster Awards: Silver Medal, SINANO, CAS

2011  The May 4th Youth Scientific Scholar Award, SINANO, CAS

2011  Poster Awards: Third Prize. i-Lab

2010  The First Electron Microscope Photography Competition Award: Third Prize.

Chinese Electron Microscopy Society

2009  Youth Scholar Exchanges of Shaanxi Chemical Society: Second Prize, Shaanxi Chemical Society



37 papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals with the total citation of ~1300 times, the H-index is ~20.


1. Xuewen Wang, Wei Fu, Guanhui Gao, Mandeep Singh Mehay, Yang Gu, Hong Wang, Xingli Wang, Lu Zheng, Wu Zhao, Tay Beng Kang, Kian Ping Loh, Ting Zhang* and Zheng Liu*, Self-crosslinked Carbon Arrays for Monitoring the Parkinsonian Tremor (Submitted)

2. Xuewen Wang, Xuexia He, Hongfei Zhu, Linfeng Sun, Wei Fu, Xingli Wang, Lai Chee Hoong, Hong Wang, Qingsheng Zeng, Wu Zhao, Jun Wei, Zhong Jin, Zengxiang Shen, Jie Liu, Ting Zhang*, Zheng Liu*, Subatomic Deformation Driven by Vertical Piezoelectricity from CdS Ultrathin Films, Science Advances, 2016, 2, e1600209

3. Xuewen Wang, Zuoping Xiong, Zheng Liu*, Ting Zhang*, Exfoliation at the Liquid/Air Interface to Assemble Reduced Graphene Oxide Ultrathin Films for a Flexible Noncontact Sensing Device, Advanced Materials, 2015, 27, 1370-1375 (Highlight on Inside Cover)

4. Xuewen Wang, Yang Gu, Zuoping Xiong, Zheng Cui and Ting Zhang*, Flexible, Ultrasensitive, and Highly Stable Electronic-skin Based on Silk-molded Conductive Micro-pattern for Monitoring Human Physiological Signals, Advanced Materials, 2014, 26, 1336-1342 (Highlight on Front Cover)

5. Xuewen Wang, Zheng Liu, Ting Zhang, Flexible Sensing Electronics for Wearable/attachable Health Monitoring, Small, 2017, 1702790

6. Xuewen Wang, Hong Wang, Yang Gu, Wei Fu, Guowei Liu, Yongmin He, Yi Long, Wu Zhao, Ting Zhang* and Zheng Liu*, Programmable High Crystallinity Carbon Patterns, 2D Materials, 2017, 4, 025011

7. Liyun Zhao#, Xuewen Wang#(Equal contribution), Zhepeng Zhang, Pengfei Yang, Jie Chen, Yanqi Chen, Hao Wang, Qiuyu Shang, Yanfeng Zhang, Xinfeng Liu, Jiancai Leng, Zheng Liu, Qing Zhang, Surface State Mediated Interlayer Exciton in CdS-MoS2 Heterojunction, Adv. Electron. Mater. 2017, 1700373

8. Guanghui Li#, Xuewen Wang#(Equal contribution), Lin Liu, Rui Liu, Fangping Shen, Zheng Cui, Wei Chen, Ting Zhang*, Controllable Synthesis of 3D Ni(OH)2 and NiO Nanowalls on Various Substrates for High-Performance Nanosensors, Small, 2015, 11, 731-739

9. Xuewen Wang, Guanghui Li, Rui Liu, Haiyan Ding and Ting Zhang*, Reproducibly Layer-by-Layer Exfoliation for Free-standing Ultrathin Films of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes, J. Mater. Chem. 2012, 22, 21824-21827 (Highlight on Back Cover)

10. Xuewen Wang, Weihua Liu, Heqing Yang*, Nan Li, Hua Zhao, Jie Yu, Ruyu Shi, Low-Temperature Vapor-Solid Growth and Efficient Field Emission Properties of Highly Oriented SnO2 Nanorod Arrays, Acta Mater., 2011, 59, 1291-1299

11. Guanghui Li#, Xuewen Wang#(Equal contribution), Ting Zhang*, A Facile Synthesis Method for Ni(OH)2 Ultrathin Nanosheets and Their Conversion to Porous NiO Nanosheets Used for Formaldehyde Sensing, RSC Advances, 2012, 2, 13018-13022

12. Hongfei Zhu, Xuewen Wang, Jia Liang, Hongling Lv, Huayu Tong, Zheng Liu, Qingwen Li, Zhong Jin, Liwei Chen, and Jie Liu, Versatile Electronic Skins for Motion Detection of Joints and Fingers Enabled by Aligned Few-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Flexible Polymer Composites,  Advanced Functional Materials, 2017, 1606604

13. Yang Gu, Xuewen Wang, Wen Gu, Y. Wu, Tie Li, Ting Zhang, Flexible Electronic Eardrum, Nano Research, 2017, DOI:10.1007/s12274-017-1470-1

14. Xuewen Wang, Ting Zhang, and Zheng Liu*, Flexible Electronics by 2D TMDs, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018 adfm.201707049 (In preparation, Invited Review)

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