Flexible Organic Optoelectronics

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    Organic electronics is a new interdisciplinary subject based on the preparation, characterizations, and applications of organic optoelectronic materials and related devices. The research in organic electronics plays a vital role in the advancement of flexible electronics, and is of upmost importance for further promoting the development of basic research on related flexible optoelectronic functional materials,and industrialization of flexible information functional devices, etc. The research topics in our division of organic electronics cover the molecular design and macro preparation of new organic optoelectronic materials, performance adjustment and mechanism study of optoelectronic materials, processing and performance research of flexible anic electronic devices, and the development of new ways of organic electronic integration and flexibility.

    Our main research directions are as follows:  

(1) To explore new preparation methods of organic optoelectronic materials; and realize the scale manufacturing of organic optoelectronic materials;

(2) To clarify the relationship between molecular structure, aggregation morphology and optoelectronic properties of organic materials systematically; to establish new mechanism to regulate the properties of organic optoelectronic materials; and provide guidance for the design of high-performance organic optoelectronic materials;

(3) To explore new mechanisms to improve the performance and stability of flexible organic optoelectronic devices, and provide guarantee for the integration of multiple organic devices;

(4) To develop new technologies and methods for multi-functional flexible organic electronic integrated devices.


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