Flexible Energy Optoelectronics

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    Flexible energy electronics materials and devices mainly focus on the development of advanced energy materials as well as their devices founded on Energy Electronics discipline, and establish a creative and innovative research platform for advanced energy materials technology. The Division of Advanced Energy will dedicate to making a breakthrough in processing technology and cutting-edge scientific applications of scalable, flexible, bendable and stretchable energy devices.

    The main research contents of flexible energy electronics materials and devices in Division of Advanced Energy Materials include:

1. revealing basic physical properties and structure-function relationship of photovoltaic materials from atomic and molecular level, exploring transport mechanism of photogenerated charge carriers in low-cost cells and limiting factors of power conversion efficiencies.

2. establishing new approach and technology for fabricating thin-film solar cells with flexibility and large area, achieving low-cost manufacturing of flexible photovoltaic devices, exploring new materials and technology to improve the stability of flexible solar cells.

3. developing microwave flow system to synthesize energy materials with controllable nanostructures, studying mechanism of hydrogen production from water photolysis, capture and conversion of CO2, and microwave catalysis.

4. studying key materials and multi-field coupling for flexible energy storage devices related to electrochemistry, integrating flexible property with nanomaterials-based Li-ion battery to achieve high energy density, long lifetime and excellent flexibility.

5. exploring graphene in the application of power Li-ion battery, constructing graphene- Li-ion battery industrial chain, seizing the technical commanding point, guide the grand blueprint of national new energy industrial chain.

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