Flexible Nano Optoelectronics

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    Nanoelectronics refers to electronics at the sub-micrometer scale, involving the preparation, characterizations, and applications of nanoscale electronic materials and devices. The research in nanoelectronics is of great significance for the advancement of the information science and technology in China in the post-Moore era. The research topics in our division of nanoelectronics cover the synthesis of high-quality electronic nanocrystals, and the fabrication and investigation of single electronic devices. We also explores methods for large-scale preparation of electronic materials and devices with high reproducibility, as well as new ways for achieving integrated and flexible nanoelectronics.  

    Our main research directions are as follows:          

(1) To develop methods for the efficient solid-, gas- or liquid-phase preparation of high quality nano-electronic materials, and explore strategies for their property modification, hybridization, and controlled assembly;          

(2) To investigate phenomena such as quantum spin, electron-valley scattering, electron tunnelling, quasi-particle transport, and magnetic optoelectronic behaviours in nanoscale electronic materials, and understand the physics behind these phenomena at ultra-low dimensions;            

(3) To develop reliable and scalable micro-nanofabrication technologies, and methods for large-scale device construction; to fabricate stable nano-electronic devices with high performance, multi-functions and low power consumption, and explore new strategies toward smart, integrated and flexible devices.

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