Plastic Electronics

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    Plastic Electronics is one of the core disciplnes of Flexbile Electronics. Based on the intrnsic flexible polymers and their elelctronics devices, Plastic Electronics focus on a serise of key scientific problems as the optal-electric properties of polymer semiconductors, condensate behavior of polymer films, dynamics of carriers and mechanics at the interfaces of devices, and develop the solution process of polymer thin-film and the craft of device fabrication, towards flexible plascie electronics devices and systems. Rising from the discover of conductive polymers, the studies on the design, synthesize and preparation of conjugated polymers and various device performance have erned impressive achievements in the past flourishing forty years, including polymer electroluminescence device, transistor, memory, photovotalic cell, energy storage, photoelectric detection and gas sensor etc..

    Institute of Plastic Electronics will concentrate on the key scientific problems and the core technologies in mechanism of polymer devices, craft of device fabrication and integration, to cope with the need of the next generation display, bio-sensor, health & medical, military science, space technology and sustainable development of energy & enviroment. The studies are included but not limited as below:

(1) Polymer semiconductors and opto-electronics devices: develop high performance polymer opto-electronics devices and thin-film devices, through rational design the electronice structure of conjugated polymers, such as electroluminescence, transistor, memory, photoelectric detection and gas sensor;
(2) Polymer energy conversion and storage: to ultilize a series of advantages of polymers like the tailorable band-gap, abundant groups, and lowcosts, the design and realization of ion-diven polymer devices will perform, e.g. high efficent photovotalic devices, catalysis, energy conversion and electrochemical energy storage; It will provide an importance plateform for the development of sustainable energy;

(3) Behavior of condensed state of polymer semiconductors: desing and self-assembly polymer semiconductors into condensed states; study the conformational transformation, self-assembly in thin-film and multi-scale polymer nanostructures; optimize the solution processes of polymer devices (e.g. roll-to-roll, inject printing, doctor blade, screen printing); explore the dynamic relationship between the condensed behavior and the devices perfomance; provide guides for high performance polymer based devices;
(4) Mechanism of polymer based devcies and systems integration: get deep insight into the dynamic of carriers between layers of polymer semiconductors and the mechanics at the interface of fuctional layer/flexible substrates; reveal the operating mechanism of polymer based devices; design and realize the systems integration of polymer flexible electronic devices toward multi-function and multi-applications.

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