SHI Jun-Qing

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2018.01-present   Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies of Nanoscience (Madrid, Spain), Postdoctoral Fellow in Photoresponsive Molecular Materials

2013.09-2018.01  Autonomous University of Madrid, Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

2009.09-2012.07  Beijing Normal University, Department of Chemistry,  Master of Polymeric Chemistry and Physics

2005.09-2009.06  Shanxi Changzhi College, School of Biochemistry,   Bachelor of Science, Chemistry



2013.09-2017.09  PHD Scholarship of China Scholarship Council

2015.11                European Grant for Young Researcher’s Scientific Stay (European COST Action)

2015.09                European Grant for Young Researcher’s Scientific Stay (European LaserLab Program)

2015.05                European Grant for Young Researcher’s Scientific Stay (European LaserLab Program)

2014.02                Best Poster Award in the 5th European Symposium on Computing π-Conjugated Compounds

2010.09-2011.07  Graduate Scholarship for Master Degree

2008.09-2009.07  National Scholarship for Encouragement (2 times)

2005.09-2008.07  1st Class of Scholarship (3 times)

2005.09-2006.07  Pacemaker to Merit Student Award (2 times)



Temperature and Viscosity Dependency Study in a Case of Solid-State-Luminescence-Enhanced (SLE) Material     IMDEA Nanoscience ('Severo Ochoa' Programme, MINECO project SEV-2016-0686)

Structure-Property Relationships’ Understanding in Photoresponsive Molecular Materials     IMDEA Nanoscience & China Scholarship Council (MINECO-FEDER project CTQ2014-58801, Mad2D)

Desentangled Characterization of Nonradiative Deactiviation Processes in Luminescent Organic Materials     Laserlab-Europe, EC's Seventh Framework Program (grant agreement n°284464)

Visualization of Local Distribution for Donor:Acceptor in Photovoltaic Blends     European COST Action "Nanospectroscopy", MP1302



1. Junqing Shi, Anna Isakova, Abasi Abudulimu, Marius van den Berg, Oh Kyu Kwon, Alfred J.  Meixner, Soo Young Park, Dai Zhang, Johannes Gierschner, and Larry Lüer, Energy Environ. Sci., 2018, 11, 211-220. DOI: 10.1039/C7EE02967E. Designing high performance all-small-molecule solar cells with non-fullerene acceptors: comprehensive studies on photoexcitation dynamics and charge separation kinetics.    

2. Junqing Shi, Luis E. Aguilar Suarez, Seong-Jun Yoon, Shinto Varghese, Carlos Serpa, Soo Young Park, Larry Lüer, Daniel Roca Sanjuán, Begoña Milián-Medina, and Johannes Gierschner, J. Phys. Chem. C., 2017, 121, 23166-23183. Solid State Luminescence Enhancement in π-Conjugated Materials:Unraveling the Mechanism beyond the Framework of AIE/AIEE.  

3. Junqing Shi, S.J. Yoon, L. Viani, Soo Young Park, Begoña Milián-Medina, and Johannes Gierschner, Adv. Opt. Mater., 2017, 5, 1700340. Twist Elasticity Controlled Crystal Emission in  Highly Luminescent Polymorphs of Cyano-Substituted Distyrylbenzene (DCS).      

4. Eliezer Fernando Oliveira, Junqing Shi, Francisco Carlos Lavarda, Larry Lüer, Begoña Milián-Medina, and Johannes Gierschner, J. Chem. Phys., 2017, 147, 034903. Excited State Absorption Spectra of Dissolved and Aggregated Distyrylbenzene - a TD-DFT State and Vibronic Analysis.      

5. Rim Milad, Junqing Shi, Aranzazu Aguirre, Antonio Cardone, Begoña Milián-Medina, Gianluca M. Farinola, Manef Abderrabba, and Johannes Gierschner, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2016, 4, 6900-6906. Backbone Twisting in Fluorinated MEH–PPV Polymers: Impact on Exciton Localization and Deactivation.

6. Junqing Shi, Yongqiang Dong, BenZhong Tang et al., Chem Commun, 2012, 48, 10675-10677. Locking the phenyl rings of tetraphenylethene step by step: understanding the mechanism of aggregation-induced emission.

7. Junqing Shi, Yongqiang Dong, Benzhong Tang, et al., Chinese science bulletin, 2013, 58(22),    2723-2727. Switching emissions of two tetraphenylethene derivatives with solvent vapor, mechanical, and thermal stimuli.

8. Xiaoliang Luo, Weijun Zhao, Junqing Shi, et al., J Phys Chem C, 2012, 116(41), 21967-21972. Reversible Switching Emissions of Tetraphenylethene Derivatives among Multiple Colors with Solvent Vapor, Mechanical, and Thermal Stimuli


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