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Email iamjnweng@nwpu.edu.cn

Room 241, Qixiang Building, 1 Dongxiang Road, Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710129


Education Experience

Sep. 2008 – Jan. 2014, Doctoral degree, Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications (NUPT), Major in Information Materials (organic electron)

Sep. 2002 – Jul. 2006, Bachelor degree, College of Chemistry, South China University of Technology (SCUT), Major in Applied Chemistry


Work Experience

Aug. 2018 – present, Associated Professor, Institute of Flexible Electronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU)

Mar. 2016 – Jul. 2018, Visiting scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida (UF), US

May 2014 – Jul. 2018, Postdoctor, Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing Tech University (Nanjing Tech)

Jan. 2015 – Jan. 2016, Research fellow, School of Materials Science & Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore


Research Interesting

(1) Organic Memristordesign and synthesis of organic memristive materials memory mechanism study, neuromorphic computing applications

(2) Metal nanoparticles/MOFs (MNPs/MOFs) nano-composites: surface properties, interfacial interaction, catalytic applications



1. Q. Mei,*,# J. Weng,# Z. Xu, B. Tong, Q. Hua, Y. Shi, J. Song and W. Huang,* Novel phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes containing 2-thienyl quinazoline ligands: synthesis, photophysical properties and theoretical calculations, RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 97841-97848. (#Equal Contribution)

2. J. Weng, Q. Mei,* B. Zhang, Y. Jiang, B. Tong, Q. Fan, Q. Ling and W. Huang,* Multi-functional fluorescent probe for Hg2+, Cu2+ and ClO- based on a pyrimidin-4-yl phenothiazine derivative, Analyst, 2013, 138, 6607-6616.

3. J. Weng, Q. Mei,* W. Jiang, Q. Fan, B. Tong, Q. Ling and W. Huang,* Effect of pH on the photophysical properties of two new carboxylic-substituted iridium(III) complexes, Analyst, 2013, 138, 1689-1699.

4. J. Weng, Q. Mei,* Q. Fan, Q. Ling, B. Tong and W. Huang,* Bipolar luminescent materials containing pyrimidine terminals: synthesis, photophysical properties and a theoretical study, RSC Advances, 2013, 3, 21877-21887.

5. J. Weng, Q. Mei,* Q. Ling, Q. Fan and W. Huang,* A new colorimetric and fluorescent ratiometric sensor for Hg2+ based on 4-pyren-1-yl-pyrimidine, Tetrahedron, 2012, 68, 3129-3134.

6. Z. Lin, J. Xie, B. Zhang, J. Li, J. Weng, R. Song, X. Huang, H, Zhang, H, Li, Y, Liu, Z, Xu, W. Huang,* Q. Zhang.* Solution-processed nitrogen-rich graphene-like holey conjugated polymer for efficient lithium ion storage. Nano Energy, 2017, 41, 117-127

7. T. Zhang, B. Zou, M Shao, X. Chen, S. Zhang, L. Li, Q. Du, H. Li, J. Weng, W. Xiong, B. Zheng, W. Zhang, F. Huo.* Metal-organic framework wears the protective cover for improved stability, Chemistry – A European Journal, 2017, 23, 7663-7666

8. L. Li, B. Zhang, B. Zou, R. Xie, T. Zhang, S. Li, B. Zheng, J. Wu, J. Weng, W. Zhang, W. Huang,* and F. Huo,* Fabrication of flexible transparent electrode with enhanced conductivity from hierarchical metal grids, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9 (45), 39110-39115

9. Z. Xu, W. Zhang, J. Weng, W Huang,* D. Tian,* F. Huo.* Encapsulation of metal layers within metal–organic frameworks as hybrid thin films for selective catalysis, Nano Research, 2016, 9, 158-164.

10. J. S. Duchene, B. P. Williams, A.C.Johston-Peck, J. Qiu, M. Gomes, M. Amilhau, D. Bejleri, J. Weng, D. Su, F. Huo, E. A. Stach and W. D. Wei,* Elucidating the sole contribution from electromagnetic near-fields in plasmon-enhanced Cu2O photocathodes, Advanced Energy Materials, 2016, 6, 1501250.


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