LUO Xiao-Guang

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Institute of Flexible Electronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University

OfficeRoom 241 Qixiang Building, No. 1 Dongxiang Road



PhD                9/2012~3/2018   School of Physics, Southeast University

Joint PhD Student     8/2015~8/2017   ECE, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Master              9/2009~7/2012   Department of Physics, Nanchang University

Bachelor            9/2005~7/2009   Department of Physics, Nanchang University


Research Interests

2D materials based photodetection, flexible optoelectronic devices, magneto-optical effect, surface-enhanced spectroscopy (including PL and Raman scattering spectroscopy), energy conversion in thermoelectrics.


Main Achievements

Achieved the UV phototransistor with graphene/C8-BTBT hybrid structure; fabricated the SERS substrate with graphene and gold plasmonic array, where the arrary was made by using the porous anodic alumina; obtained a large Kerr rotation angle of ~90o in theory from the metamaterials made of metal layers and magneto-optical material layers. Since 2011, more than 20 papers and one book chapter have been published in the world-class journals, such as Mat. Sci. Eng. R, Adv. Mater., Appl. Phys. Lett., Phys. Rev. E etc. The total citations: 450 and H-index: 10.


Research Contracts

Scientific Research Fund of NWPU for New Teacher (No. G2018KY0303), 2018

Scientific Research Foundation of Graduate School of Southeast University (No. YBJJ1408) 2014.

Research and Innovation Project for College Graduates of Jiangsu Province (No. CXZZ13_0081), 2013.


Honors and Awards

The National Scholarship for Doctoral Sdudents, China (11/2014)

The Outstanding Graduates, Nanchang University (06/2012)


Publications Selected

1. Xiaoguang Luo, Ming Zhou, Jingfeng Liu, Teng Qiu, and Zongfu Yu*, Magneto-optical metamaterials with extraordinarily strong magneto-optical effect[J]. Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 108 (13): 131104 (4 pages).

2. Xiaoguang Luo, Nian Liu, and Teng Qiu*, Efficiency at maximum power of thermochemical engines with near-independent particles[J]. Physical Review E, 2016, 93 (3): 032125 (6 pages).

3. Xiaolong Liu#, Xiaoguang Luo#, Haiyan Nan#, Hui Guo, Peng Wang, Linglong Zhang, Minmin Zhou, Ziyi Yang, Yi Shi*, Weida Hu, Zhenhua Ni, Teng Qiu*, Zongfu Yu, Jian-Bin Xu, and Xinran Wang*, Epitaxial Ultrathin Organic Crystals on Graphene for High Efficiency Phototransistors[J]. Advanced Materials, 2016, 28 (26): 5200-5205. (# Equal contribution)

4. Xiaoguang Luo, Jizhou He, Kailin Long, Jun Wang, Nian Liu, and Teng Qiu*, A theoretical study on the performances of thermoelectric heat engine and refrigerator with two-dimensional electron reservoirs[J]. Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 115 (24): 244306 (10 pages).

5. Xiaoguang Luo, Teng Qiu*, Weibing Lu*, and Zhenhua Ni*, Plasmons in graphene: recent progress and applications[J]. Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports, 2013, 74 (11): 351-376.

6. Xiaoguang Luo, Nian Liu, and Jizhou He, Optimum analysis of a Brownian refrigerator[J]. Physical Review E, 2013, 87 (2): 022139 (5 pages).

7. Xiangyu Hou, Xiaoguang Luo, Xingce Fan, Zhaohui Peng, and Teng Qiu, Plasmon-coupled charge transfer in WO3−x semiconductor nanoarrays: toward highly uniform silver-comparable SERS platforms[J]. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2019, 21: 2611-2618.

8. Nian Liu, Xiaoguang Luo*, and Maolian Zhang, Coefficient of performance at maximum χ-criterion of thermochemical refrigerators with near-independent particles[J]. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2018, 511: 182-190.

9. Lei Ying, Ming Zhou, Xiaoguang Luo, Jingfeng Liu, and Zongfu Yu*, Strong magneto-optical response enabled by quantum two-level systems[J], Optica, 2018, 5(9):1156-1162.

10. Mingwei Zhu, Yiju Li, Guang Chen, Feng Jiang, Zhi Yang, Xiaoguang Luo, Yanbin Wang, Steven D. Lacey, Jiaqi Dai, Chengwei Wang, Chao Jia, Jiayu Wan, Yonggang Yao, Amy Gong, Bao Yang, Zongfu Yu, Siddhartha Das*, and Liangbing Hu*, Tree-Inspired Design for High-Efficiency Water Extraction[J]. Advanced Materials, 2017, 29 (44): 1704107 (9 pages).



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