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Shaanxi Institute of Flexible Electronics (SIFE),

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU),

Xi'an, 710072 Shaanxi, China

E-mail: iambzhang@nwpu.edu.cn



12/2018-Now          Associate Professor

    Shaanxi Institute of Flexible Electronics (SIFE),

    Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China

09/2016-09/2018     Postdoctoral Research Fellow

     Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

03/2016-06/2016     Research Associate

     IMP@INSA (CNRS), France



09/2012-05/2016     PhD in Polymer Science, IMP@INSA (CNRS), France

09/2009-07/2012     MSc in Materials Science, Tianjin University, China

09/2005-07/2009     BSc in Polymer Materials, Nanchang University, China



3D/4D printing, functional materials for 3D printing and their applications in biomedical and flexible electronics areas.

Controlled radical polymerization (RAFT), Dynamic covalent bonds, Poly(ionic liquid)s, Hydrogels and ionogels, Modification of polysaccharides etc.



IAAM Young Scientist Medal of year 2018 (AMWC, Singapore)



NPU New teachers Startup Grant, 2018



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[1] B. Zhang, Q. Ge, M. L. Dunn, 3D Printable Recyclable Thermosets (3DPRTs). Provisional Patent: P112581_OFR.

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