YU Tao

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AddressRoom 249, Qixiang building, Chang'an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University

Emailiamtyu@nwpu.edu.cn; yutaochem@126.com


Research Area

1.Design and Synthesis of New Optoelectronic Materials for OLEDOPV and OFET.

2.Design and Synthesis of Photo- and Mechano-Responsive Materials.

3.Optoelectronic Devices Fabrication based on Photo- and Mechano-Responsive Materials.


Education and Working Experiences

2018/11- now,     Northwestern Polytechnical University, Institute of Flexible Electronics, Professor

2015/09-2018/11,  Sun Yat-sen University,  School of Chemistry, Associated Professor

2013/09-2015/08,  The University of Hong Kong, Department of Chemistry, Postdoc

2009/09-2013/09,  The University of Hong Kong, Department of Chemistry, PhD, Supervisor: Prof. V. W.-W. Yam

2005/09-2009/06,  Sun Yat-sen University,  School of Chemistry, Bachlor


Conducted Funding Projects

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Design, synthesis and photochromic studies for triarylethylene derivatives (2018.01-2020.12; Project Leader)

Pearl River Nova Program of Guangzhou: Designing and developing new mechanoluminsecent and mechanochromic materais based on weak intermolecular interactions (2019.01-2020.12; Project Leader)

PhD Research Startup Foundation of Guangdong Province: Design and synthesis of donor-acceptor type Ir(III) metal complexes with near-infrared emissions and their applications in near-infrared OLEDs (2018.01-2020.12; Project Leader)

Young Creative Talents Foundation of Guangdong Province: Novel triphenylethylene-based photochromic materials and their applications (2017.06-2020.06; Project Leader)



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